Education for the Funeral Profession

This article was kindly contributed by BIFD, over the past 35 years the BIFD has grown into one of the leading providers of education within the funeral service and its Diploma in Funeral Service is the highest qualification available to those within the profession.

Qualified BIFD Tutors offer two courses: the Certificate in Funeral Service and the Diploma in Funeral Service. Both  courses are accredited by the University of Greenwich.

BIFD and Professional Development

The British Institute of Funeral Directors was established in 1982 by a group of people who wanted an Institute available for individual Funeral Directors, rather than just trade organisations for Funeral Businesses, and to provide Education for the Funeral Profession.


In 2011, the BIFD became Credit Rated by The University of Greenwich and the BIFD Diploma in Funeral Service was launched at Level 4 and total Credit Rating at 60 Credits towards a University Degree. The student first studies for the Certificate in Funeral Service, followed by the Diploma in Funeral Service. At the end of the course the student can put “Dip. FS” after their name.


In 2017, The BIFD applied and was accepted to be the only Funeral Related Professional Body to access and issue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to its members and people attending any funeral related education run by the BIFD.


In 2018, The BIFD and the Independent Funeral Directors College (IFDC) agreed to work together to provide a progression of education to the Funeral Profession. The IFDC can provide training including, driving & bearing, office administration, whilst the BIFD can offer the complete Funeral Directing package.

In 2018, Greenwich University upgraded the BIFD Diploma Course from Credit Rated to Accredited and the programme was moved into the Education Department of the University cementing our relationship and giving the Institute a much higher prestige.

The BIFD Diploma Qualification is also recognised by Birkbeck University of London for students wishing to study their Certificate of Higher Education in Funeral Management which was compiled especially for the BIFD progression ladder. This course offers an additional 60 Credits which would take a year off a degree course if the student decided to go even further in their studies.

For further information on the courses available to the Funeral Profession please contact the BIFD Admin Team:

Telephone: 0800 032 2733