Working in funerals – a role that calls for a very special person

We’re pleased to publish the following article from our colleagues at LaunchPad HR:

The number of people working in funerals represent a significant presence in the UK employment market. Historically funeral services were family run businesses with the baton being handed down generation after generation.

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“Working in funerals is undoubtedly a role that calls for a very special person – but what should you look for in a candidate?”

As companies have grown and the labour market evolved we’re increasingly seeing these businesses needing to recruit from outside of the family unit.

So what’s the cost of getting the right person?

Businesses need to consider advertising, interviewing and hiring fees. Recruitment agencies usually charge 20% to 30% of the final salary. Based on a UK average salary of £22,100 this would be between £4,420 to £6,630. Or if you use social media or job websites, the cost is estimated at £200 – £500. On top of attracting and recruiting the right person, costs associated with on-boarding, induction training and professional training need to be considered.
The first six months from recruitment to employment can be costly. This is why it’s vitally important to attract the right person.

“Did you know? If people feel truly supported and valued during their first 3 months of employment they are 76% more likely to stay for a period of 2 years or more?”

So how do you know if you’re attracting a person suited to working in funerals?

LaunchPad HR are looking to identify the personality profile of a successful Funeral Director who performs well in this very special environment.

We have a proven track record in profiling and recruiting candidates that match the organisation, and truly fit! We do this by working with employers to profile exactly what the business needs to be productive in their environment. We then profile candidates against the role profile.

We use i3 recruit, a simple one-page recruitment report on prospective employees, in conjunction with a one-page summary of your role requirement. An i3 recruit report provides you with a new perspective through which to spot the ideal candidate applying for your vacancy. We create a recruitment report providing objective information about candidates against the role profile.

Using the role profile and recruit report to compliment your recruitment process helps prevent square pegs in round holes!

We need you!

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  • Complete our role profile – 8 questions.
  • Well contact you to discuss our findings and provide a consultation.
  • Once all pilot companies have participated we’ll publish our findings.

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The process can be completed on line and we can provide telephone support and advice.

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